Put A Rap On Pee™

If his household potty challenges stress you out, the answer to the mess on the floor, carpet, & upholstery isn’t locking him up in a crate, saggy diapers, unsanitary pads, or “miracle” enzyme cleaners.

To end his shame and stop your frustration, the solution you both deserve is Dogginz®. The ultimate potty training and control system for male dogs and puppies, that gives the freedom he craves and less stress for you.

All Cuddles, No Puddles

No more guessing and stressing. Gone will be the anxiety over indoor potty accidents, the need to keep him under constant surveillance, the guilt over crating him, and the sadness that follows scolding him – not to mention the chore of cleaning up the mess.

The result is a happy dog, a dry, clean-smelling home, and up to 10X less environmental waste. You will be ecstatic knowing your loyal companion is free to prowl the house -- without fouling it.

That’s the peace of mind that comes from knowing your dog’s indoor pee-problem is solved.

Better By Design

Better Form & Function.

The Dogginz difference starts with the unique, anatomically correct, fully-adjustable, and completely comfortable p-Rap™.

Every aspect of its unique, innovative, and patent pending design was relentlessly refined and expertly engineered to perfectly fit your dog and capture his pee.

Since it's made from premium LSR Silicone, it is hypoallergenic, easy to clean, comfortable for him to wear, and doggedly durable.

Better For Our Environment

Less Waste. The reusable Dogginz p-Rap and absorbent p-Pad™ inserts reduce environmental waste by more than 10 X when compared to other disposable dog diaper products.

View The Environmental Benefits.

Better Absorbent P-Pads.

Our disposable, skin-soft, dry-wicking p-Pad inserts are made to the highest standards of quality, comfort, and absorbency. They stay in just the right place, keeping him dry and happy.

Key Dogginz Benefits:

  • Eliminate Indoor Marking & Potty Train In Record Time

  • Cut Environmental Waste 10X

  • Pee Pads Absorb 60 ML Fluid

  • Anatomically Correct & Form Fitting For Superior Comfort

  • Super Soft & Hypoallergenic

  • Silky Smooth On Hair & Skin

  • Easy To Use, Empty, & Clean

  • Modern, Stylish, Fashionable & Functional

  • Ultra Reusable & Durable

  • Patent Pending

  • Veterinarian Approved

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Tail Wag Guarantee™

The Dogginz p-Rap will help you potty train your new male puppy faster and with less hassle & eliminate adult male dog indoor marking, or your money back.

Buy Now! The Purchase Price Of The Standard p-Rap Is Deductible From Your Future Dogginz Wearable Purchase When It Is Available.

Coming To Kickstarter In 2020

When He Goes, You'll Know.

The Dogginz p-Rap "wearable" adds app-enhanced sensor technology to take housebreaking into the smart phone age.

The Dogginz pee sensor constantly monitors your pet’s potty habits, sending instant notifications and alerts to your phone and assigned caregivers via the Dogginz app, whenever pee is detected.

With the Dogginz wearable, you’ll have more freedom knowing his routine and enjoy peace of mind while apart.

Soon, you’ll both be on the same page -- and the same potty schedule -- achieving the consistency so critical to successful housebreaking.

All the while, you’ll see in real time exactly how your dog is doing in waiting for his next potty break outside.

The Dogginz app-enhanced sensor technology is ready. We are launching on kickstarter in 2020 to raise funds for mass production. Please join our mailing list for the latest info and help us spread the word on social media. Peece Out!

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"Peece" is the state of relaxation before or after urination - urban dictionary

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